Posted by: ericclark | January 11, 2008

Piano man Ben Folds coming to Eastern Iowa


Ben Folds (or as I like to call him, Generation X’s Billy Joel) is hitting the University of Iowa for a show Sunday, March 2, in the Iowa Memorial Union’s main lounge.

Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $28 through (319) 363-1888 or

Folds was last in Eastern Iowa in early 2006 for a show in Cedar Falls. Despite the fact that it took place in a gym, it was one of my favorite concerts of the year.

Even though Folds’ latest album, 2005’s “Songs for Silverman,” was a bit of a disappointment, this guy has such a deep back catalog with Ben Folds Five that he can put together a heck of a show.

Songs like “Underground,”  “Kate” and “Army” are some of the best songs that came out of the indie-rock scene in the ’90s. Plus, Folds’ zany charisma always makes for an entertaining spectacle.

If I were pretentious enough to claim to have “discovered” any band before most music geeks, I’d stake a claim to Ben Folds Five. I bought the group’s 1995 self-titled debut a few days after I saw the video for “Underground” on the late, great MTV show “120 Minutes.”

A few days after that, I saw that Folds was playing at The Fox Theatre in my hometown of Boulder, Colo. It was me and about 30 people watching Ben Folds Five play in a 500-capacity club. It was pretty damn cool.

For your listening and viewing pleasure, here’s some Ben Folds links:


“Underground” video at YouTube:

“Kate” video at YouTube:

“Army” video at YouTube:

Who out there loves them some Folds?



  1. Army song good Video fun. Kate song is good, video is perfect shock value for you-tube. Love the piano!

    Janice in WI

  2. Hey Ben, you poser, even with nearly identical mirrored sunglasses you’re not as cool as Axl!

    When Chinese Democracy comes out later this year, it’ll be closing time for you and all your wannabe buddies.

    Axl rules!!!

  3. I wanted to stake the claim on discovering BFF! Anyway, that is great news. I am moving back to CR after 6 years in a big city, and thought I was going to lose my ability to see great shows at good venues! What a great welcome back present!!

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