Posted by: ericclark | January 16, 2008

Teenage Bottlerocket, The Magnetic Fields kick-off 2008 albums

As far as new music goes, 2008 already is off to a great start. Yesterday I purchased my first two new albums of the year: “Warning Device” by Teenage Bottlerocket (downloaded from eMusic) and “Distortion” by The Magnetic Fields (downloaded from iTunes).

“Warning Device” by Teenage Bottlerocket


If you like The Ramones, you might like Teenage Bottlerocket. These young pop-punkers from Laramie, Wyo., call their style of music “Ramones-core,” meaning that most everything they do is an homage to Joey Ramone and his crew. Like The Ramones, Teenage Bottlerocket’s songs are quick and catchy, with a simplicity that’s engergizing.

Have a listen to “In the Basement,” the lead single from “Warning Device,” at Teenage Bottlerocket’s MySpace page. Even though The Ramones have a song called “I Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement,” Teenage Bottlerocket’s “In the Basement” is not a cover. That’s what they mean by “Ramones-core.”

“Distortion” by The Magnetic Fields


“Distortion” currently is getting tons of publicity on the indie-rock scene, and it’s definitely deserving of attention. The Magnetic Fields are led by Stephin Merritt, an indie-rock veteran known for his deep voice, sweet songs and knack for experimentation.

The theme for “Distortion” is just that: Distortion. On the album, Merritt takes his quirky pop songs and applies layer upon layer of whizzing and whirling distortion. While that might not sound like a very pleasing sound, it isn’t all that bad. In fact, the distortion gives Merritt’s songs a classic, 1980s-ish sound.

Listen to the mostly instrumental “Three Way” on The Magnetic Fields’ MySpace page to find out what I’m talking about.

What do you think of Teenage Bottlerocket or The Magnetic Fields?



  1. I think they try to hard to sound and act like Guns n Roses. There will never be another Axl. Have I mentioned – Axl Rules!!!

  2. When will the Five Man Electrical Band come out with another record?

  3. its really cool

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