Posted by: ericclark | February 13, 2008

Is a Stone Temple Pilots reunion really necessary?

stp-photo.jpg                           “Purple” by Stone Temple Pilots

So it looks like everyone’s favorite second-rate grunge band that shares its initials with a brand of motor oil, Stone Temple Pilots, are getting back together for an Ohio show this summer and possibly an extended tour. You can read more about that here.

Talk about an unnecessary reunion. Sure, Stone Temple Pilots were popular, and I mildly enjoyed some of their hits (like “Plush,” “Vasoline” and “Interstate Love Song”), but they never were anything more than a Nirvana clone with songs of little substance. Do they really need to bring something back that wasn’t that great to begin with?

Maybe I’m being too hard on singer Scott Weiland and his bandmates. I guess I’m kind of a purist when it comes to a rock band’s time and place. I remember seeing the late, great Joe Strummer perform with his final band, the Mescaleros, in the late ’90s, and I was kind of mad that he dared sing Clash songs 30 years after they were popular and without co-leader Mick Jones at his side. It just didn’t seem right.

Now that I’ve had my rant, what do you think about Stone Temple Pilots getting back together?



  1. Necessary? Of course not. But I’m pretty sure the band has some fans, and if they all want to enjoy another go-around, let ’em. Why not? I remember seeing the Spin Doctors advertised to play a local club in Fairbanks, AK on my honeymoon in the summer of ’03. Why not? Plenty of old-time rock acts have been playing the state fair and casino circuits for a couple-three decades now. Why not let the new dinosaurs of grunge get their turn? “Keep on rockin’ in the free world.” As for me, I’m hoping for another Camel farewell tour.

  2. I think fuck you, you idiot. Nirvana clone? Suck my distended asshole.

  3. Just caught them at the Rave in Milwaukee (3/26/10) and I have to tell you that it was a great show. Scott was messed up, but did manage an hour and a half of great music. He really only crapped it up on 2 songs and the 1st song really doesn’t count when your sound guys are adjusting the board and trying to find you from the get go. With that said…

    Grunge was a great era, my music was really defined during that time frame. Are we going to get Nirvana and Alice in Chains back for a concert? Obviously not. What about Pearl Jam? They’ll never play a set of just their early material, plus Eddie will never just play music without preaching at his audience, which with grunge music definitely screws the ambiance. It’s all about one song building on the other. STP’s the only band left. They know where they came from and what their fans want. Sure they experimented and grew past their original stuff, but they come back to their CORE. It’s amazing Scott is still alive. Enjoy it before it’s gone forever.

  4. i would love to be ther

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