Posted by: ericclark | February 25, 2008

“Once” wins! And other Oscar thoughts

once-wins.jpg   Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard of “Once”

“Once” wins! “Once” wins! I was thrilled to see the beautiful “Falling Slowly” from the beautiful “Once” win Best Song at the Oscars on Sunday.

Not only did the song win, but Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova’s acceptance speeches were a couple of the show’s many highlights. I’ve never seen a performer invited back on stage like Irglova was to finish her comments! John Stewart must be a fan. Good joke, too, about the duo’s backstage banter about their statues, which Stewart said went something like this:

Hansard: Let’s make them kiss!

Irglova: But they’re both boys!

Hansard: That’s OK, this is Hollywood!

If you haven’t heard “Falling Slowly” yet, check out the previous post for a video.

As for the rest of the show, I was thoroughly impressed with the program’s pace and the overall quality of the acceptance speeches. Tilda Swinton, Javier Bardem, Daniel Day-Lewis and University of Iowa graduate Diablo Cody all had memorable speeches.

The weirdest moment of the night came before the show even started, when Gary Busey accosted E! host Ryan Seacrest when he was interviewing Jennifer Garner. Seacrest usually is so smooth, it actually was nice to see him get frazzled.

What did you think of “Once” winning and the rest of the show?



  1. I am very happy that they won! Truly deserving. I posted a review of The Swell Season concert in Portland, a Once movie review and also a bit about last night on my blog. You’ll just have to scroll down on the right side and click on the “Glen Hansard” label to find all of it.

  2. yes, we also loved “Falling Slowly” from Once winning the Best Song – that gives us such a sense of hope, y’know.

  3. I love them..they are so cool..and lyrics are so “once”

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