Posted by: ericclark | February 25, 2008

Seacrest vs. Busey at the Oscars

busey.jpg                                                    Gary Busey

I mentioned in the previous post about Ryan Seacrest and Gary Busey’s run-in on the red carpet. Here’s a summary of the incident from the Associated Press.

BUSEY BODY: Gary Busey lived up to his reputation by strangely crashing Ryan Seacrest’s interviews on the Academy Awards red carpet.

While Seacrest was interviewing Jennifer Garner and Laura Linney on the live E! pre-show broadcast, Busey repeatedly interrupted.

After Busey warmly greeted Linney, Seacrest introduced him to Garner, whom he promptly gave a bear hug. Garner was clearly annoyed, and was left wondering why “this man” had just grabbed her. Linney tried to usher them both out of the interview as Garner curtly replied to Seacrest’s final questions.

As Busey continued to linger, Seacrest politely suggested they catch up later in the evening.

“I’ll see you later at the party. You know the one,” said Seacrest.

When an E! co-host asked Seacrest what had happened, Seacrest was dumbfounded and acknowledged he had never met Busey before.

The 63-year-old actor has parodied his out-there reputation on HBO’s Hollywood insider comedy “Entourage.”



  1. I was thrilled that “Falling Slowly” won the Oscar for Best Song. After hearing the Enchanted song performances, I had to do everything in my power to prevent myself from jumping out my window. I can still hear Amy Adams shrill tones.

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