Posted by: ericclark | February 27, 2008

“Once” soundtrack hitting the top of the charts

once-cover.jpg                                                       “Once” soundtrack

As my adoration of “Once” continues, I’m happy to report that the Oscar win for “Falling Slowly” has sent the movie’s soundtrack to the top of the sales charts on iTunes and over the last couple days. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Once” ends up being the top album in the country on Billboard’s next sales chart.

That’s right. THE TOP ALBUM IN THE COUNTRY. Unbelievable. It’s such a great feeling when a deserving underground phenomenon becomes a mainstream hit.

I’m happy the soundtrack is selling well, since I think most casual movie goers will respond better to the soundtrack than the actual movie. I loved the movie, but I could see how its loose structure and slow pace could turn off mainstream movie goers. If you’re looking for the antidote to Broadway musicals, you’ll love “Once,” but if you’re expecting an indie-rock Broadway musical, you’ll be disappointed.

Do you prefer the “Once” movie or just the soundtrack? 



  1. I recommended the movie to my friends who are music-lovers. I LOVE the soundtrack, and really wouldn’t care to watch the movie again, but I think I love the music because of the movie? Haha, I hope this makes sense.

  2. Hey,

    This sound track brings me to tears every time that I listen to it. I am going through an awful break up of over 10 yrs and the lyrics of the songs in this soundtrack speak right through me, particularly the song “All the way down.” The movie is also wonderful, i watch it every night while I cry myself to sleep. My story resembles more or less that of the main character. This has to be the best movie sound track that I have ever heard. And the movie tells the story of love’s afflictions and its wonders as well. The story is beautifully done and only serves to bring the songs to life. I recommend this movie to anyone with a broken heart.

  3. I’m about a year or so late BUT I think it’s a great soundtrack but I love the raw sound in the movie. I think it’s worth watching at least once. From a musician’s perspective and a hopeless romantic’s point of view, I’m completely smitten with this work!

  4. A moving film, an extraordinary soundtrack. Very happy for all involved. Looked like a labor of love and it’s great that people this good get recognized.

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