Posted by: ericclark | May 7, 2008

Arctic Monkeys’ leader goes retro with Last Shadow Puppets

                     The Last Shadow Puppets

I’ve never been able to get into Arctic Monkeys. On paper, they should be one of my favorite bands: British? Check. Intelligent? Yup. Upbeat? Definitely. They’ve just never clicked with me. I think they might actually be too British, too intelligent and too upbeat for my tastes. I never thought I’d see the day.

Still, I have enough respect for Arctic Monkeys that I pay attention to what they’re up to. I snapped to attention recently when I heard frontman Alex Turner had formed a retro side project called The Last Shadow Puppets, designed to pay homage to the ’60s and ’70s sounds of folks like Scott Walker and David Bowie. We’re talking English-accented crooning, orchestral backing and Spaghetti Western style string arrangements.

I like the sound of that. The Last Shadow Puppets’ description reminded my somewhat of one of my favorite Brit-pop bands, Pulp. So I gave the Puppets’ a listen, and it only took seconds for me to become a fan.

Here’s the video for the title track to The Last Shadow Puppets’ debut album, “The Age of the Understatement,” out now.

Or, check out the group’s MySpace page.

What do you think of The Last Shadow Puppets?



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