Posted by: ericclark | July 22, 2008

Frightened Rabbit: Album of the year?

  Frightened Rabbit

It’s hard to believe that 2008 is more than half over. That means it’s not too early for music geeks like me to start obsessing about our favorite albums of the year! So far for me, it’s a close race between Mates of State’s “Re-arrange Us” (which I profiled in an earlier post) and Frightened Rabbit’s “The Midnight Organ Fight.”

Yes, one of my favorite albums of the year so far is by a band named after a scared animal. I’ll admit, Frightened Rabbit isn’t the greatest band name I’ve ever heard, but if the group keeps making albums as good as “The Midnight Organ Fight,” I could care less what they’re called.

So who is Frightened Rabbit? They’re a four-piece indie-rock band from Scotland led by singer and guitarist Scott Hutchison, a guy with a thick Scottish brogue and, if his songwriting is any indication, one heck of a messy love life.

“The Midnight Organ Fight,” Frightened Rabbit’s second album, might best be classified as a break-up album. Just about every song is about either falling in or out of love. Sure, the subject has been done to death, but Hutchison brings so much depth to his songwriting that he practically makes love, lust and all its trappings sound like entirely new subjects.

Just have a look at the first few lines of “The Twist”:

“Do the twist in the twisting outfit / The loose tie with the loose limp wrists / Lift your dress enough to show me those shins / Let your hair stick to your forehead.”

“Did you blush then when our hips touched / I can’t tell, you’re already red / Am I right? You give me the signs / Is that pink mist or just lit dry ice?”

“You twist and whisper the wrong name / I don’t care nor do my ears / Twist yourself around me / I need company I need human heat.”

You can listen to “The Twist” at Frightened Rabbit’s MySpace page. Also be sure to check out “The Modern Leper” (in the running for my favorite song of the year so far), which brings a U2-style lift to the band’s music.

Here’s a video of another excellent song from “The Midnight Organ Fight,” “Heads Roll Off.”

“Heads Roll Off” by Frightened Rabbit

What do you think of Frightened Rabbit? What’s your favorite album of the year so far?



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