Posted by: ericclark | September 17, 2008

If Springsteen had been born a punk: The Gaslight Anthem’s “’59 Sound”

Earlier this year, I posted about a band that had written a great song about hearing The Clash for the first time. That band was The Gaslight Anthem, and now that the New Brunswick, N.J. group has released its second album, “The ’59 Sound,” they’re worthy of another look.

I’ve been listening to “The ’59 Sound” pretty much non-stop since it came out about a month ago, and the album is creeping toward the top of my always-in-progress best-of-the-year list. Big heart, big hooks and plenty of Springsteen-ish sentiment make The Gaslight Anthem one of the more exciting new bands of the last few years.

You don’t even have to take my word for it: Have a look at this concert review from The New York Times. Then visit The Gaslight Anthem’s MySpace page or watch the video for the title track from “The ’59 Sound” below.

What do you think?



  1. Best Album of the Year!!!!!

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