Posted by: ericclark | September 22, 2008

Jenny Lewis week!

             Jenny Lewis

The wait is finally over for Jenny Lewis fans! Lewis, best known as the frontwoman for L.A. pop-rock group Rilo Kiley, this week is releasing her second alt-countryish solo album, “Acid Tongue.”

For the last few years, I’ve been smitten not just with Lewis’ stunning looks but also with her stellar songwriting abilities. Lewis is a superstar in the indie-rock world, and “Acid Tongue” might just make her a superstar in the rest of the world.

Here’s a great video of my favorite song from Lewis’ 2006 solo debut, “Rabbit Fur Coat.” It’s called “You Are What You Love.”

Also check out some of Lewis’ new songs on her MySpace page.

In love yet?



  1. I havent heard the new album yet but from the last solo album and all the rilo kiley albums I’m sure its amazing. I had a crush on her when i was a kid. She was in the movie “The Wizard” with Fred Savage. So shes all mine, Eric.

  2. thanks for having this picture im gonna jerk off to it later

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