Posted by: ericclark | October 15, 2008

Breakdancing goblin in new Chemical Brothers video

                                                           The Chemical Brothers

What could be better for Halloween than watching a dumpster-diving goblin cutting loose in the middle of the night? That’s exactly what’s happening in The Chemical Brothers new video for “Midnight Madness.” It’s one of the more entertaining clips I’ve seen all year. You can watch it below.

Can you dance like that?



  1. You know, that I know, that you know Chinese Democracy is coming in November! Don’t worry, a free Dr. Pepper is on the way to help you wash down those words you’ll be eating!

    Axl rules!!!!!!!

  2. The dumpster is Earth against a blue sky. The golden-suited “goblin” is the repressed memory of an Anunnaki humanoid circa 3800 BC.

    Come with us. We see the light. Bright and clear.

  3. CHEMICAL BROTHERS – forever!!!!!

  4. the chemical bros. = simply the best. i wish i was where they are musically. midnight madness is very nice. skill beyond skill.

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