Posted by: ericclark | November 24, 2008

Who’s excited about The Killers’ ‘Day & Age’?

The Killers         The Killers

I blasted The Killers’ “Hot Fuss” in my car on the way to work in honor of today’s release of the Las Vegas’ band’s new album, “Day & Age.” While I could care less about Guns N’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy” also coming out this week (any album that takes 15 years to make is destined to be a disaster), I’m strangely excited to get my hands on The Killers’ latest effort.

I say strangely because I didn’t really like The Killers’ previous album, 2006’s “Sam’s Town.” Actually, I didn’t really listen to it, since I was turned off by lead single “When You Were Young” and the group members’ sudden desire to grow whispy little goatees and try to be Bruce Springsteen.

Thankfully, it’s sounding like “Day & Age” is more of a return to the glam dance-rock of “Hot Fuss,” The Killers’ 2004 debut. I first heard “Day & Age” songs “Human” and “Spaceman” weeks ago when the group performed on “Saturday Night Live,” and I immediately was hooked.

I was planning on trekking out to Best Buy this evening to buy a hard copy of “Day & Age,” but it looks like Amazon. com is selling the album download for $3.99, at least for the moment. I’ll have to think about this one.

Watch the video for “Human” on YouTube and hear more of The Killers’ new songs on the group’s MySpace page.

What do you think?



  1. I think it’s okay if you download the album.

  2. Are your freaking kidding me? How can you call yourself a music critic, when you predetermine how records will sound based on how long they take to make?

    I’ve got news for you, most records take at least 15 years to make. Hear me out. Most freshman albums have songs the artist has been working on since they first picked up an instrument. And, most bands never get around to a sophomore album. Even when they do, 9 times out of 10, their second effort sucks. Unless you count NKOB or the Hanson Brothers among the greatest of muscians, you have to admit it takes at least 15 years to make a good album.

    So, get off your high horse and give CDEM a spin. Rolling Stone gave it four out five stars, so it can’t be all bad.

    Axl rules!!!!!

    El Magnifico

  3. Very good album My favorite is ‘The world we live in’

  4. They suck and they look like dorks. Buy the new Melvins disc. Rule #1 of music these days-if it’s on the radio, it probably sucks.

  5. I find myself oddly disappointed. Sam’s Town had a few good songs, but this one doesn’t. Sure, a few songs sound cool at first, but they get tired and repetitive within seconds. I do, however, like ‘Human’.

    The bonus tracks are nice, though, if you did iTunes.

  6. This album was a bit of a letdown for me. I loved Sam’s Town, which was laden with over-the-top character sketches and dripped with Americana. This one doesn’t have the same lyrical theme. The music is there, but the songs are lacking. “Are we human, or are we dancer?” What is this gibberish? While ST wasn’t exactly Dylan with songs like Uncle Johnny and Bling (Confessions of a King), it seemed to be a more mature record that Day & Age. Despite the criticism, I still find D&A enjoyable, just not the leap forward I thought it could be.

  7. An addendum to my post above: as far as theme goes, I wasn’t expecting Sam’s Town Mach II, I just thought the lyrical cohesion of the album made it more memorable, where as Day & Age seems to be all over the place and nothing really stands out.

  8. I think the new album is totally gayed up. It is nothing like Hot Fuss. Hot Fuss had some nice uptempo rocking songs, and Sams Town also had about four-five good songs, but this whole album sucks except for Losing Touch, thats the type of killers song I like, not whiney new age music.

  9. I thought I was the only that felt dissapointed (well, not in a complete disaster sense, because it’s still very good) by Day & Age. I loved Hot Fuss and I too saw that step forward with Sam’s Town. I agree with JC, the only link to past albums is Losing Touch. I hope that now that it’s out of their system they can continue creating smarter music.
    Btw. Sawdust had some great tracks too.

  10. JC really stole my words, hehe.
    The new album (day & age) really really sucks! It really doesn’t sound like Hot Fuss. It sounds like Mr. Brightside’s dance version, omg!! That’s really like corny dance music.

    I hope the next killer’s album goes back the way they used to rock “it’s indie rock&roll for me”!!!!

  11. This website is cool and awesome but theres something missing the music…………..


  13. i think u know that song kalled WHEN U WERE YOUNG iz the best and its so freakin tight lol !!!!

  14. The worst killers album to date it SUCKED!!!

  15. dear sir/madam
    im a student from the howard school,rainham,kent im am writing to ask you if i could have permition to use the image of the killers for my gcse corse work

    yours sincerely

  16. Damn, I love Brandon Flowers. He looks delicious. :p
    Sexy as fuck too. Mm yeah Hot Fuss is a GREAT album, I have it obviously, I have Day And Age, Sawdust, and Sam’s Town too. Yes very amazing band indeed. By the way I am 13 years old. ^_^ Heehee* much love to all The Killers Fans. xoxo

  17. I like all of the Killers albums. Sams Town & Day & Age are great albums. You saying that you didnt listen to Sams Town partly because of their goatees is a stupid reason.

  18. I agree with Kim. Sams town in my opinion is their best album. It may not be their most famous but if you just take the time to listen to it, it really is amazing. It was also the most underated album according to rollingstones… which is so true.

  19. My personal opinion is that the song by The Killers ‘All The Pretty Faces” is their best song ever… and they never play it. To me the song compares favorably to any song by any rock group anytime. It is that good. What if Van Halen never played ‘Beautiful Girls’ or Guns And Roses never played ‘Welcome To The Jungle’?? It is amazing to me that a rock group could or would not play what is obviously their top rock song. (Certainly one of their best most would admit.) What up that? Is it because Brandon Flowers is a Mormon and he feels guilty about saying the f-word?? Then drop the f-bomb and play the song like the studio version. I realize Brandon wants to be like the Pet Shop Boys and what have you which is O.K. , but when The Killers want to they can really let the dogs loose and make some rock and roll. Not playing ‘All The Pretty Faces’ should be considered a crime against humanity. Congress should pass a law. Now that Obama is President and the peace protesters have miraculously disapeared, maybe they could all get together and protest The Killers not playing ‘All The Pretty Faces’. Just to stay in practice. It’s just a thought… anybody with a better idea?…

  20. At first,i didnt like the killers,but now i have every album under their name
    Sam and town is the favourite and best song”human”

  21. LOVE THE KILLERS 🙂 how could someone say that all the songs on the radio these days sucks anyways, sorry but thats called the charts, something that almost everyone likes at the moment and the things you usually dont hear on the radio, well lets say, its to shit to be in the radio, there yah go Scot Brown! get a life and get some real music in it

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