Posted by: ericclark | February 10, 2009

Is Green Day ripping off My Chemical Romance with new album cover?

21st Century Breakdown                                                                                                                                                                                                     “21st Century Breakdown” by Green Day

There it is.

That’s the cover for Green Day’s new album, the follow-up to 2004’s  immensely popular “American Idiot.” As you can see, it’s called “21st Century Breakdown.” No official release date has been set, but word is it’ll be out in May. It’s gonna be huge.

My first reaction to the cover is that it looks a lot like something My Chemical Romance might put out. In fact, it looks a little bit like the cover to My Chemical Romance’s 2004 breakthrough, “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.”

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge                                                                                                                                                                                      “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” by My Chemical Romance

Interesting. What do you think?



  1. Agreed

  2. Interesting cover, but Three Cheers wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. Who knows? Maybe they’re subliminally trying to pull My Chem fans into digging their new record by gracing the cover with their idea of what would be reminiscent of My Chem’s breakthrough album.

  3. I see your point, but disagree. The style of drawing is similar, but the meaning is different. GD’s cover shows a couple embraced and kissing, the other has a couple looking at each other somewhat angstily. So I get a different vibe from each.

    Interesting tidbit, though.

  4. They do look very similar, but the meaning is construed. Three Cheers was more of a “I love you we just survived some-kind of fight or explosion or whatever, and I’m going to kiss you.” But GD’s cover is more like “I haven’t seen you in almost a year, because you went off to war or something and now your back, let’s kiss!” or just “I irevvocably and hopelessly in love with you, so just make out with me in what semms like a alleyway!”

    Now don’t get me wrong I adore Green Day, and My Chem my absolute favorite band ever. I love GD and cannot wait for the new album, the same with MCR.

    So, yes, they are different but very similar in a “I love you, let’s kiss!” kind of way. Of course the meanings were mean to be different, so I understand them differently, but somehow the same way.

    But very interesing all the same.

  5. I found this website from a google search of “21st century breakdown, three cheers for sweet revenge” because I was curious if anyone else out there was thinking the same thing I was, “is GD ripping off My Chem?” I know Billy and Gerard are buddy’s but who knows. Maybe Gerard and did the artwork for it for all I know.

  6. There is no way they are, First off… the guy and the girl on green days are two people in their album named Christian and Gloria. The album is based on those two people. Plus Green Days is a stencil/Spray paint cover. And anyways its not the band that creates the album cover its their artist that they hire.

  7. hmm i thought i was the only one who thought that….lol

  8. that’s actually pretty interesting and it’s what i initially thought too but yeah, i’m a fan both ways and the two albums are very different and the pictures kind of look similar but i agree with most of the above the meaning is different.

  9. of course the meaning is different but the LOOKS are very very similar. That’s not the only think they share in common. remember the black shirts and red ties?
    well no one’s sure who copied who, but Gerard wore that throughout their Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge tours and the album was released BEFORE American Idiot (which was when Billie Joe started wearing it) who knows? maybe Green Day is copying my chem…

    • If you look at green day’s nimrod era you can see billie wore a red tie before Gerard… HA!

  10. also if you listen to green day’s “viva la gloria” it sounds very similar to my chemical romance’s “mama”.

  11. “And anyways its not the band that creates the album cover its their artist that they hire.”

    I think this is very wrong in the case of MCR. G. Way does album and single covers. Plus he’s an amazing comic book artist. As a huge MCR fan this is also I don’t really think that green day is copying MCR at all. Save the outfit… when I went to school wearing the red tie and all black outfit… all of them blurted out Green day. Crap MCR was the one who made that viral.

    Anyway Green Day and MCR rock!!! Let’s just wait for the new MCR album and the next GD album if they are still the same… hmmm

  12. I thought the same exact thing.

  13. Has anyone noticed that The Black Parade look sort of like 21st Century Breakdown along the lines of where the logos and figures are. I mean the GD logo is at the top and album name logo is at the bottom in the middle, then you have the couple Chistian and Gloria kissing in an emrace in the middle right in the middle of the album art. My Chemcia Romance’s The Black Parade is similar. The Logo for the band is at the top and cover pretty much all of it. And the Black Parade logo is at the very bottom. And the dead marching soilder is in the same spot as the couple in 21st Century Breakdown.

  14. It was copied from street artist sixten

  15. No, Im a big fan of both of them i see what you mean but they give off different means.

  16. Similar in many ways, but you can say that about many things. I’m not a greenday fan but I am an MCR fan, but I think the cover art similarities are just a coincidence.

    A boy and a girl in an artistic sketchy style… nothing too original but nothing stolen either.

  17. he mcr is coping green day
    clothes coveralbum music
    mcr leadsinger cannot sing believe me
    green day leadsinger is cute an can sing
    i rest my case
    i have good taste in punkmusic believe me
    and im just 13

  18. Ummmm, Excuse me…. But I dont believe in any way that Green Day
    (Billie Joe Armstrong) is copying MCR in anyway… Green Day is its own band and they are very opinionated and are nothing like MCR. I’ve heard both bands before and I completely 100% believe that Green Day is the better band of the two, and if I’ve been told correctly like I think I have….. Green Day’s album techincally came out BEFORE mcr’s so…….there!!!!! And Punk wasnt even at the top until 1995 when Green Day first became Real big and just here lately MCR became big and they wouldnt be popular if punk wasnt popular and punk wouldnt be so popular if it wasnt for Green Days big stick so…..Their ya go!!! (no offense to anyone)

  19. One: Green Day have been around way longer than My Chemical Romance–24 years to be exact (from formation). Two: The artwork for 21st Century Breakdown is stencil art by artist, Sixten–which is Banksy-esque, resulting in being more reminiscent of Blur’s Think Tank album.

    The very idea that Green Day would want to copy My Chemical Romance is ridiculous. MCR are the ones inspired by Green Day–the ones that also decided to wear the black shirt, black pants, red tie, black hair and eyeliner look. The members of Green Day are brilliant, unique individuals that have worked harder than anyone likes to admit to get where they are, and wouldn’t go around ripping anyone off. They have been ripped off many times, by many artists (Blink 182 took a good portion of ‘When I Come Around’s guitar riff for one of their songs to name but one example of many).

  20. To whomever said that Green Day ripped off MCR with “Viva la Gloria?(Little Girl)” for “Mama”. I disagree, Green Day had a song before MCR’s “Mama” on their Warning album called “Misery”. MCR is like child’s play compared to Green Day.

  21. MCR is nothing compared to Green Day! And what could piss me off more than thinking ppl believe green day copys MCR is that, that freakin copy cat, stealer gerad way ( Lead singer of MCR ) Even tryed to pull off and miserably failed billie joe armstrongs look of the whole red tie and black out fit! Dude get your own damn personality! Because billie joe is way better and way way better lookin than he’ll ever be! And just to let you know its one thing to steal someones lyrics and songs and background music…..its another to steal their PERSONALITY!!!! Get yout own!!!!

    • Agree

  22. No, nope, not at allll. The cover of Green Day’s album consists of a couple kissing, known as Christian (boy) and Gloria (girl). The way it seems a lot like mcr’s cover is simply just a coincidence. I’m a huge Green Day fan, but I know little of mcr, so I don’t know what the meaning of the mcr cover is. But I do know that Green Day didn’t rip off mcr. They aren’t like that, and they have no reason to.

    • Exactly. MCR just copied green dya, like Avril LAvigne did.

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  24. Green Day was first (GREEN DAY FOREVER BILLIE IS SO DAMN HOT) MCR copied Green Day and hey said in an interview that GD is their favorite band; here’s your answer

  25. I disagree, both are very talented bands, and very creative. They have their own ideas, and if sometimes they seem similiar, it’s because great minds think alike. If you’ve ever watch LOTMS, you’ll notice that Gerard was worried that he might have accidently wanted to do an idea that Green Day did in a music video, and went to talk to Billie about it, to make sure the ideas were different, and that it was okay. With that, it seems kind of pointless to then have the other band copy off the other. I have the highest respect for both bands, and they’re friends, which makes me happy. You shouldn’t bash one band just becasue you like the other more, and atleast have some proof before you insult. This is to some of the comments that went on a tangent against MCR. Even Billie said that MCR are doing something great, and he supports them.

    • True. The majority of times you get a good idea, someone else has got that idea to. And yeah green day wore ties before but maybe mcr thought that looked cool. I mean I don’t think they care.

  26. i wouldn’t neccisarily say that they “copied” them, but i do see your point. i also don’t find it such a BIG deal since the bands are friends.

    I mean many albums are about love and many albums have a boy & girl on the cover kissig and whatnot. i wouldn’t find them to be “copiers” though.

    But i do recognise your point.

  27. Okay I am both a fan of MCR and Green Day… they both like each other’s music. I have seen Billie Joe wear an mcr shirt and a few of My Chemical Romance’s members wear a Green Day shirt. The covers do look very similar but it doesn’t mean they copied it. Green Day were not the ones who designed it anyway so you can’t blame anything on them if so,done were copying it. The whole black shirt and red tie thing… that was a trend… Gerard wasn’t copying Billie and Billie wasn’t copying Gerard. If the 21st century breakdown cover was based on three cheers for Sweet Revenge it was probably just influenced. Billie Joe Armstrong and Gerard Way are friends and I seriously doubt that either one of them would copy each other’s idea… but does it matter? It’s not like it’s the end of the world if they did copy there album cover… no one is going to get hurt or upset unless they just need something to whine about… but then again I did waste 10 minutes of my life writing this whole thing…

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